Beauty of the Bollards: Geelong’s Creative Artworks

Bollards. The port city  of Geelong located to the west of Melbourne relied on these large lumps of wood to moor the many boats that visited the area since European settlement. With the modern age of flight they turned into useless lumps of wood until creative minds decided to use the recycled timber as canvas for artworks.  And thus bollard artwork was born. It brings the rich history of the city and its colourful characters of the past to life.

The artist Jan Mitchell has done a fabulous job recreating individuals and different strata of society to life in a

fun and memorable way. My friend and I visited the city  on an overcast day which produced a surreal silvery blue backdrop to the artworks. How lucky were we to have a stroll along the esplanade and have fun posing with the bathing beauties -before the rain started  pounding. But  that’s Melbourne weather for you-always changeable.



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